Changemakers of stylish and sustainable fashion and lifestyle collections

We are different because we don’t promote mass consumption. 

LeafWorks is a sustainably made clothing and accessories brand, operating under our parent company DecorWorks.

Every piece you wear can be personalized to be uniquely yours! We have worked very hard to stand by our sustainable manufacturing practices, and do not mass produce even one T-shirt. For years, we have been supporting healthy work environments and mainly source from small local businesses and offer CO2 offsetting in our shipping routes.

Take a look at our growing eco-friendly and sustainable in-house collections: 


We celebrate how unique you are!

Choose any design from our collections e.g. baby, kids and adults wear, accessories, etc. 


To add any customization requests, drop us an email here or leave a message on WhatsApp or Telegram 

We’ll get back to you within the same business day or the next one for sure.

In the meantime, think about personalizing items with your name, initials, a personal message, anything you like.


We can help you create a matching set of any items on our site or,

You can send us your design and we’ll customize your items for you at no extra charge

Yes, that’s right! We do this so you get what you’re really looking for, and this creates less waste at the end of the life cycle.

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